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Question: Which type exercise do during 1st trimester

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Answer: Pregnant women who exercise have less back pain, more energy, a better body image and, post-delivery a faster return to their pre-pregnancy shape. It also helps in improving posture, endurance, uplifting your mood. You can choose any low impact exercises like stretching, pelvic exercises, prenatal yoga, swimming etc. While exercising is recommended during pregnancy there are certain types of activity which should be avoided- Activities where falling is more likely Exercise that may cause any abdominal trauma, including activities that with jarring motions, contact sports or rapid changes in direction Activities that require extensive jumping, hopping, skipping, or bouncing Bouncing while stretching Waist twisting movements while standing Intense bursts of exercise followed by long periods of no activity Exercise in hot, humid weather Do not hold your breath for an extended period of time Do not exercise to the point of exhaustion
Answer: Hello dear.congratulations to you. U can do very light exercises. Start with walks for half an hour in morning and evening. Kegel exercises are considered best during pregnancy. You can find them on you tube or ask your doctor. Then, prenatal yoga is amazing. It helps u in maintaining a proper weight during pregnancy. It keeps ur mind fresh n relaxed. You can search for prenatal yoga in you tube. Besides that you can do household chores like cleaning and mopping. Hope my answer was helpful.
Answer: Hello Dear Walking is the best the exercise throughout your pregnancy if possible try to walk in morning also were you 'll get fresh air and that 'll be more helpful to keep you refresh n energetic throughout your day
Answer: During 1st trimester do regularly walking n yoga is to gud n do sum little work which doesn't burdain ur body
Answer: Walking is considered as safest exercise in first trimester
Answer: Do normal exerise do analom vilom and meditation And squats
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Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy Dear when fertilize egg implants to border line of uterus then 20 to 25 %women s have bleeding or spotting or brown discharge in early pregnancy.. so dear consult to ur Dr nd take meducines as ur Dr suggest u ,avoud stress, avoud sex ,avoid carry heavy things too take care..
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Answer: Hope you are doing well.. Yes dear you can have in moderation.. See to that its cooked well. Take care.
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Answer: Oh dear,your bp is quite low..please take care..drink plenty of water,have fruits and veggies daily..take protein roch food too..I used tk have on boiled egg with black salt daily in morning..as I too has low bp issue..also take care if you feel dizzy then sit down to avoid any fall..,
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