5 months old baby

Question: which Tammy belt is good to reduce Tammy fat

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Answer: Hello dear.. There are many abdominal belts.. It will take some time before your tummy gets back into shape. After all, it took a whole nine months to get into the present shape. Don't get impatient. At least, you've started at the right time. For the tummy, I think abdominal / floor exercises are the best. A healthy food routine will also help. You could join a gym, but get a green signal from you doc, first. Also your doctor will suggest you the best abdominal belt which suits your body.. Trust and follow your doctor suggestions
Answer: Hello There are alot of belts that help you with tightening of loose muscle on your abdominon. The best is a corset wch is very effective but extremely uncomfortable. There are other brands that sell shapers wch will do the job effectively.
Answer: If ur delivery is normal u can use now....if c- section aftr 6months completion u can use
Answer: Hello dear all belt do same work so you can buy belt.
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Answer: I had bought a pregnancy belt where as my friend used the shapewear. .. it depends on your comfort
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Question: Which oil is good to massage stomach after normal delivery
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Answer: Drink ajwain water more and do some exercise. Don't eat oily nd spicy food.
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