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Question: which shampoo to use for postpartum hair fall??

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Answer: Dear different shampoo suit different kind of women. Try to go for shampoo that is very specific for hair-fall control. You can also try herbal shampoo
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Question: Which is the best shampoo for hair fall?
Answer: Hi as there are many brands of shampoo all are good you can use any which suits you. And massage regularly it will help and have more citrus foods such amla lemon which helps. Take care
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Question: Postpartum hair fall diet
Answer: Hello... Dear hairfall after delivery is common,since you are breastfeeding,should have healthy diet to meet all nutrients needed,these steps will help you better in stopping hairfall Have a nutritious diet,with lot of fruits and vegetables,include more curry leaves in your diet,will stop hair fall,can sun-dried curry leaves into powder and can be mixed in soups,sabji.. Drink curry leaves,Amla juice three days in a week Since you are breastfeeding you can take this juice with warm water because it will catch cold,Take your folic acid tablet regularly Have apricots, almond,figs,raisins regularly, it will give you voluminous hair Hair pack Soak green gram two spoon with one spoon of fenugreek, overnight,make paste next-day and apply in your hair,and leave it for thirty minutes and wash,use this pack next day after your head wash,it will stop hairfall Hair oil Heat half litre of coconut oil with curry leaves,Amla, fenugreek,aloe Vera,little pepper,onion and allow it to boil for twenty minutes,til it raw smell goes,use ts hair oil regularly, it will reduce hair fall ‌
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Question: Please suggest best shampoo for hair fall
Answer: Try Mamaearth happy heads natural protein shampoo,it brings to you this hair shampoo which is made from extracts of Biotin, Horse Chestnut, Bhringraj and Amla to nourish and protect your hair. The extracts like Biotin effectively slows down any form of hair issues. Biotin helps in increasing the elasticity of the hair and prevents hair dryness.
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Question: How to control postpartum hair fall
Answer: What I did to control my hair fall after delivery was to have protein rich food as well as I used to apply onion hair oil which help me a lot in reducing my hairfall.n
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