16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Which protein shake is good at pregnancy...now imin 4 the month..tell me?? Is it fine to takemother harlicks??

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Answer: I prefer SimMoms protein powder. It is good for increasing the weight and provides proper protein....
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Question: Is herbalife protein shake farmula 1 good during pregnancy?
Answer: congratulations on your pregnancy please do not take such proteins during pregnancy as they not suggestible never take anything of that sort as they are hard to digest and it has only protein consult your doctor for any supplements take care
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Question: Which protein powder is best in pregnancy to shake with milk
Answer: Heyy my doctor had given me B protein powder,which I never liked😁..so used to take plain milk with honey and powdered roasted dry fruits...
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Question: Please suggest a good protein shake which is drinkable. Amway Nutrilite is very bad in taste
Answer: You can consult your doctor, as there are lot of peotein powder available, with differenr flavour.b
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