12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Which protein powder is best to take during pregnancy..

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Answer: Hi.. Dear firstly, best protein sources are dairy products. However, it is ideal to ask your doctor for a protein powder suitable for pregnancy if you need to supplement. Since most powders are made out of proteins such as whey, casein and soy, women allergic to dairy products can go for organic protein powder, as it is safe for pregnancy.
Answer: Hi,you can take protein x or women hirlicks.but you should take in consultion with your Dr as it should not have excessive vit and coffee or extra sugars are also harmful.you should take into consideration the these points before chosing your protein powder
Answer: Dr has prescribed me protein x
Answer: Polymine , protinex, SIM mom
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Question: Which protein supplement is best to take for weight gain during pregnancy?
Answer: It is healthy and nutritious to have protein x in pregnancy.Protein x is always suggested by doctors to have in pregnancy so that no lack of protein is there in pregnancy.
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Question: Can someone suggest which protein powder is best for pregnancy?
Answer: I was give b protein powder by my doctor..but I never liked it .so I started to take my own protein powder..dry roasted all the dry fruits ,added this in milk with honey .the best supplement..
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Question: Which protein powder is best in pregnancy?
Answer: Which dr suggests for u that u take it's good dont go for ather powder...its not good
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