5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Which position is ok to sleep dueing this week and coming weeks ?

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Answer: During whole pregnancy it is advisible to sleep on left side. You can even switch left and right sides.
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Question: Hi mommies iam 11 week pregnant, its my second baby... I want to know which sleep position is best till delivery.... When i was in deep sleep i sleep at straight lie position. It is ok for this time???
Answer: Jis position me aapko sona comfortable lage us me so skte ho .... Lekin jyada left sife sona accha hota hai or thoda relex hone k liye sidha let skte ho lekin jyada der nhi
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Question: Hi which position I want to sleep ? Is there any sleeping position in this week
Answer: Hi dear. Left side position is best for all time. It helps to blood flow to the uterus and also helps in digestion.
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Question: Now I'm 16th week pregnant.. Which position I sleep?
Answer: Try to sleep on ur left side it increases the blood the to the foetus and also supplies nutrients to the baby
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