33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Which one is more accurate the lmp or the ultra sound cox my both date are different according to lmp my edd is 29 may and according to usg my edd is 11 june wat should i consider more accurate

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Answer: There can be a lot of confusion when discussing the way in which pregnancy is calculated. Since most women do not know when they conceived as it is challenging to know exactly when ovulation occurred, pregnancy is calculated from the first day of your last menstrual period (LMP). Counting from your LMP, your pregnancy will last around 40 weeks.
Answer: Consider ultrasound one...
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Question: hii all my edd according to lmp is 4 th may but ultra sound says 21 April it's two weeks early according to lmp edd what is the reason and what date should I consider?
Answer: Always follow your LMP due date... because ultrasound due dates keep changing with each ultrasound. Ultrasound due dates depends on the babys growth... most doctors follow lmp due dates only. However in some cases like people having gestational diabetes... the babys growth will be fast and babies will be big...so doctors will consider the last ultrasound date and decide to operate.
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Question: DR.PLEASE TELL ME . . . Edd is more accurate according to LMP or according to USG
Answer: Hello, Dear edd is always counted and followed by LMP only because that is the correct age of baby and ultrasound only shows the edd according to the growth of baby which can be bit early or late.
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Question: Hi according to my lmp the edd is 27th april but scan result shows the edd is 3rd may. Which one i want to consider as my edd??
Answer: As u r full term now baby can arrive anytime. Its not necessary that baby will come exactly on due date. Start preparing for ur new member. All the best
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