2 months old baby

Question: Which one is a better formula milk Enfomil or Nan pro..I am currently using Enfomil

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Answer: Hello dear U can use any formula milk which suits ur baby. But according to me, u can choose nan pro as i also used it for my baby and it is really very good for the baby and contains all essential nutrients needed for proper growth and development of baby .
Answer: Hi ...its my 27 week of pragnancy nd i feel sweeling on my face ,hands nd also on face ...is it norml ?
Answer: Nan pro excella 1 is better, for good growth and Digestion. Breastfeeding is the best.
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    Geetanjali Nayyar33 days ago

    I am having lactation faliure so unfortunately not able to breast feed

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Question: Which formula feed is better...nan pro or nanexcella pro??
Answer: Both are good, but I would suggest NAN pro I used give this to my elder son. It's really good try this.
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Question: Nan pro or nan pro with probiotics which one is better for 4 month baby?
Answer: Both are good. Whichever is comfortable you can give for baby.
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Question: Which formula milk is better for weight gain nan pro 1 or similac iq plus??
Answer: Hello, Dear every baby's body respond differently to food. So for some babies nan pro can help in weight gain and for some similac so it's completely your call what you want. I personally choose nan pro for my baby and I am completely happy.
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