3 months old baby

Question: Which oil should be use fr baby body massage

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Answer: For such a small baby if u use desi ghee it is really good for the baby. If u do not wish to use desi ghee for some reason then I would suggest u can use johnson n johnson oil it is good as well. My daughter is 3.6 yrs and I still do her massage with desi ghee.
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    Bhawna Khurana1148 days ago

    Desi ghee in summers?is it ok

Answer: Use coconut oil only it can be applied on all skin types and works to heal any sort of rash also.
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Question: Which oil should use for baby massage?
Answer: I would suggest that the oil that is used commonly in ur region must be used. In addition u can use dabur Lal oil as well. Consult ur pediatrician if there is any issues. Oils should be used as per the region where u stay. As our forefathers used oil as per the region they belonged had a scientific reason e.g. coconut oil is used in South India mustard oil is used in North india (please consider this as e.g. ND not any sarcastic comment w.r.t the regions that is specified). The production nd consumption is based on the climatic ND genetic influence on the people staying in that region. So it's better u use the oil that are readily available on day to day basis as well. Disclaimer: since the accessibility of the oils is now not restricted to regions nd readily available different oils can be used but in moderation 😀
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Question: Hi..my baby is 10 days old.for body massage which oil should be used?
Answer: Hi dear, Massaging is very important for babies. .infact babies do enjoy massage... massage increases the blood circulation and also helps in digeztion of food .it is good to use coconut or sesame oil to message ur baby.. make sure massage gently on ur baby's body before each and every bath
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Question: which oil should be use for massage a newborn baby
Answer: Hi dear, My doctor had recommended for my baby ,organic olive oil.my mother insisted mustard oil.i felt both were quite good for baby.prior to bath I used to massage my baby for 5 minutes,in a closed room,so that she doesn't catch cold.
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