2 months old baby

Question: which calcim n iron medicines should be taken post pregnancy...

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Answer: Any calcium tablets like Calfigo/calcidor or shelcal & iron tablet salfer XT or orofer XT
Answer: My gynaec has prescribed me caleat th and livogen.
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Question: Which iron and calcium medicines should be taken post pregnancy?
Answer: Hi any medicine during pregnancy or post delivery you should take with consulting doctor as some medicine are prohibited during breastfeeding so it's better to consult doctor before taking any medicine. Take care
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Question: From which month calcium n iron tablets should b taken?
Answer: From second trimester it is recommended. Eating these in first trimester can trigger nausea. Consult your doctor for better understanding. Thanks!
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Question: What medicines should be taken in 4th month of pregnancy
Answer: Hello! During 4th month of pregnancy, iron and calcium supplements are important. These are prescribed by the doctor and should be taken daily. But sometimes few doctors also prescribes vitamin supplements depending on the pregnancy. Make sure that you take the medicine as prescribed by the doctor properly. Take care
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Question: Total how many iron tablets should be taken during pregnancy??
Answer: Hello, Dear you have to take one or two iron tablets(as prescribed by doctor) throughout your pregnancy even after delivery also.. so if you take one Folic acid till delivery that is 40 weeks and 280 days so according to that 280 tablets is required till delivery and you have to take this tablet after delivery also so you can add 6 more months in the counting...
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