9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: which music should listen during pregnancy? can u plz send me the link?

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Answer: there is no such recommended music though but you can listen any soft music that you feel is soothing and calming. from gayatri mantra to any soft music you can listen. always make one music or lullaby common. and try to sing baby will listen your voice n even after birth baby will recognise that lullaby. try it its magical.
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Question: Which type of music should listen during pregnancy for better brain n health development??
Answer: Hi Please talk and sing to your baby, thr is no hard and fast rule to make baby listen music, if you like you can play which is soothing to your ears.. since you r pregnant things like broccoli, walnut, milk, berries, tomatoes, sweet potato ,coconut etc will be beneficial fr brain development.. Hope this helps!
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Question: which month can baby listen the music and voice
Answer: According to my knowledge from about 3 months of age babies search for the source of voices and from next month they can hear little voice, and at the of 5-6 months of age they can imitate our voices
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Question: During pregnancy can we listen loud music?
Answer: I recommend you to listen to soothing music so that you and your baby both feel comfortable and relaxed. Loud music may not go well with the baby and may experience irritation inside you .
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