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Question: Which month milk production starts and starts to leak

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Answer: Hi! Leaking breasts are common during pregnancy and generally happens after 20-22 weeks but if does not leak thats also normal. Few women experience it during pregnancy and few not. It is possible for you to leak at last few days, however that doesnt indicate your breastmilk supply post giving birth. The leakage during pregnancy is a preparation of colostrum which comes just few drops post birth. BM comes after 2-3 days of post delivery, you can try and hand express your breast to check if there are few drops thats colostrum and you can feed to the baby, as it has antibodies and high nutrient content, its yellowish and thick and will be few drops only. Good luck!
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Question: From which month does milk starts to leak from breast??
Answer: Usually colostrum milk starts to flow from second trimester pregnancy but its not mandatory that every woman will have this I never had leakage of colostrum milk while I was pregnant by I started to produce breast milk from third day after delivery and I had very good production so don't worry if you are not having milk leakage now
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Question: At which month milk production starts
Answer: Hello dear. The breasts may start to produce milk weeks or months before you are due to have your baby. Your breasts will start to feel full a couple of days after giving birth, which is a sign that your milk is coming in. Take care.
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Question: Which month of pregnancy milk production start
Answer: Hi dear, there is no hard and fast rule for me I started producing milk after the birth of baby and some women starts seeing the discharge during last trimester. SO both are normal.
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