15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Which month i will to take saffron milk.

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Answer: Hello dear... Saffron has lot of health benefits,you can drink after five months before bed, can use two to three strand of saffron, saffronhas act as a good muscle relaxant,which is needed during pregnancy,it also provides digestion and appetite by supplying blood equally to the body,it also controls mood swings happens during pregnancy
Answer: Preferably from 5th month, but nowadays we are not getting good quality saffron
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Question: how much saffron to use in milk during pregnancy ! And from which month i will take saffron in milk?
Answer: Hi dear, start taking saffron milk in 36 week that is 9 th month as it brings heat to body. U can take in good quantity 5-6 threads in last month.
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Question: In which month i can start to take saffron milk
Answer: Hie Yes you can have saffron milk during pregnancy Post initial 3 months Add 2 to 3 strands of kesar to a glass of warm milk It shall help you with daily intake of calcium as well as kesar is a muscle relaxant and helps ease body ache also it relaxes the body and hence helps sleep well Take care of yourself and maintain a healthy diet
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Question: From Which month to take saffron milk?
Answer: Hi.. You can have it from now on, I started having it from the first day of my pregnancy, till my delivery.. If you are having three glasses of milk in a day.. Add saffron to one glass only, do not over have it..
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