13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Upto which month abortion is possible by taking oral medicine??? M 9 weeks pregnant but me n my spouse dnt want tis child ri8 now... Plzz reply moms

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Answer: Doc se consult kiye bina kuch mt kro. Nhi to future me complications ho skte h.
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    akanksha tripathi1181 days ago


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Question: I m 31 weeks pregnant now n i just want u to suggest me diet which will b good for baby n improve quality of breastmilk after birth...
Answer: Hi Babies put on most of the weight during last trimester so make every meal count Start your day like even everyday as soon as you get up with 2 banana or apple or promegranate  Include dairy products In your daily diet Have 2-3 cubes of cheese every day Have 2 glasses of milk a day you may opt for full fat milk Have 2 cup yogurt everyday homemade would be best Have paneer, mushrooms and sweet potato on alternative days  Have carrot,beetroot and pomegranate juice daily Have legumes like soyabean,lentil,chickpea, Have oatmeal or eggs in your brunch they are good source of nutrients and good fats but make sure it is well cooked as under cokked egg may carry bacteria that can cause stomach upset Have whole grains, lentils, legumes in your diet Include oatmeal and sweet potato in your daily diet both are good combination of nutrients and fat Add a spoon of ghee if possible homemade to your every meal you have  Have small but frequent meals Include dry fruits as your go to snacks makhana,almonds , pista,cashew, anjeer, dates are all good source of fat and nutrients Have pumpkin ,sunflower seeds they are good source of nutrients Make sure you have 2 servings of Green vegetables and 3 serving of fruits a day
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Question: I m a working lady..m 11 week pregnant..is it safe to travel by bus..?? And also want to know upto which month I should stop travelling..?
Answer: Avoid crowded and bumpy ride.. and travelling should be strictly avoided from third trimister..
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Question: Mam...its my 3rd child...i m pregnant by 22 weeks...my first baby iz 13+ and my second baby is 11+...so this pregnancy iz not planned but happened accidentally...so I took abortion pills..in 40 days of my pregnancy... but the medicine did not work...n I have to continue my pregnancy...time passes and now i m 22 weeks pregnant...but i m worried a lot on thinking that abortion pill may have done some injuries to my baby....
Answer: Yes it may be causes to ur baby .pls consult ur gynacologist nd take suggesion immediatly
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