10 months old baby

Question: which milk is better for 10 month baby development double toned packet milk or Nan pro2? and which one is easy to digest

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Answer: Hello! Below 12 months, you should not give anything animal milk to your baby. Double toner packet milk is common milk hence avoid giving before the age of 12 months. You can give Nan pro 2 to him and if he breastfeeds, then please do breastfeed him also. After completion of 12 months, if you plan to give your baby cow's milk, then give him full fat cow milk.
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Question: Enfamail or nan pro which one is better for baby.
Answer: Hi as there are many brands of formula milk all are best you can choose any which suits your baby and if any symptoms occur such as constipation or skin rash then you can change it. Take care
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Question: hi my son is 10month old..I give him double toned packet milk..I will be travelling for 3days..so can I replace packet milk with Nan pro2 as it will be more convenient?
Answer: In first place u shouldnt give double toned milk or even cow milk before 1yr age... Please switch to nan pro
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Question: Nan pro or nan pro with probiotics which one is better for 4 month baby?
Answer: Both are good. Whichever is comfortable you can give for baby.
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