11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Which milk is best? Cow or Buffalo

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Answer: Hii don't introduce cow or Buffalo milk to baby below 1 year. It contains some protein which baby couldn't digest well. Old give breast milk or formula milk to baby. U can introduce cow milk after an year which is good for babies. All the best.
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    CA Pooja Shahane1231 days ago

    During pregnancy??

Answer: Hello! You can take cow milk, that is better as buffalo milk has more fat content.
Answer: Cow milk
Answer: Cow milk
Answer: Cow milk
Answer: Cow
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Question: Is cow milk r buffalo milk safe for baby boy? No. Of feeds per day n quantity per feed
Answer: Dear it is better to give cow milk at 9 to 12 months of age once baby is eating a variety of iron rich foods atleast twice a day. And the babys digestive tract does not develop fully until 1 year of Age.if you give before 9 months there will be difficult for infants to digest and increased risk for developing anemia or iron deficiency problems.take care
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Question: Which milk is much better for 3 months old baby..? Cow milk or formula milk? Can we give buffalo milk to my baby?
Answer: Never ever give milk other than breast milk or formula milk to your baby unless she is one year old. It's not healthy.
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Question: Which milk is good for 10 month old baby cow or buffelo???
Answer: I think Cow's milk always better than buffelo milk .so,you can give cow's milk for your 10 months old baby.
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