15 months old baby

Question: Which massage oil is best for babies????

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Answer: Hello There are many oils avalible in the market. The best thing to do is make ur own oil get organic coconut oil as it's the best oil that gets absorbed by baby s skin making it soft and moisturized u mix it with with olive oil and almonds Oil both oils are very high scource of vitamin e that help the baby with lots of benefits better than something than the oils avalible.
Answer: Mustard Oil: Mustard oil is the best baby massage oil during winters as it has a warming effect on the skin. ... Olive Oil: Olive oil is also immensely popular as massage oil for babies. ...in summer. Almond Oil: .. Sunflower Oil: ... Chamomile oil: ... Tea tree Oil: ... Calendula Oil: .. Castor Oil... Coconut oil...
Answer: Mamaearth massage oil is best for babies. It has essential oils which are helpful in making babies bones more strong. Natural product with mild fragrance.
Answer: Use naturally made mamaearth massage oil. Its organic and very mild. It will help to make bones stronger. Its very effective.
Answer: Olive oil is also good for babies massage
Answer: Coconut oil
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    Nehal Roy655 days ago

    Mamaearth massage oil is good for babies. It makes babies skin soft and nourished. You can use that daily. Toxin free and nice product.

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Answer: Try mamaearth massage oil....it is perfect blend of natural ingredients......it maintains the soft and sensitive skin of ur baby.....
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Question: Which is the best massage oil for babies??
Answer: Coconut oil. It's best for babies and suits to every skin. Pediatrician recommended.
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Answer: Hello dear... You can use coconut oil for massage, it is skin friendly, gives natural glow to babies skin
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