4 months old baby

Question: Which kind of feeding bottle is better for baby. Plastic , steel or glass???

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Answer: Hi dear, don't use plastic bottle they are not safe. You can use either glass or steel and mostly steel bottle are safe and easy to wash and sterilise..
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Question: Hello everyone... Can i use steel feeding bottle?? What is the best ?? Steel,glass or plastic??
Answer: If is not neccesry please don't introduce bottle dear. Till6 months give only breastmilk and offer only breasts. Bottle feeding may cause dental issues in future, baby will depend only on bottle. It gets habbit dear. Use a Siooy cup after baby turns 6 months old dear. Sippy cups are good than bottle feeding dear.
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Question: Glass bottle is better for feeding baby or plastic bottle...and which brand is best....
Answer: Hello dear, for baby use either glass bottle or stainless steel bottle for your baby. Dontvuse plastic bottles as it's not safe for baby..
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Question: Which kind of bottle is best for bottle feeding 3 months old baby...plastic glass or steel
Answer: Glass will be fine. Always remember, till 6months breastmilk is enough.
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