25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Which is the right position to lie down after six months during pregnancy

2 Answers
Answer: During pregnancy it is always advisable to sleep on your left or right side dear.....and please avoid sleeping on your back as it can affect blood flow to the uterus dear...
Answer: Hey dear during pregnancy please sleep on left side only...
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Question: Which is the best powder to drink with milk during pregnancy such as women's horlicks etc which is the best
Answer: You should try mama protinex. It is especially designed for expecting mothers.
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Question: Which juice is best during pregnancy?
Answer: Homemade juices made if fresh fruits are good . Avoid market bought juices..
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Question: Which position is better to sleep?
Answer: Try to sleep on side, nd left side s best. U can also keep pillow in between legs to minimize leg or waist pain.
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