3 years old baby

Question: Which is the correct age to teach them good touch and bad touch.? As my baby has started going to school, I want to know when and how to teach them. Thanks in advance

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Answer: Hi dear a lesson on good touch and bad touch can and should be started at an early age 3 years is just a perfect age for you to teach your child about good touch and bad touch please empower your child use right languages and make her understand the use and the power to say no to things if she doesn't like something if she is uncomfortable with something bee-eater cheek pulling or a light kiss on the face or you know touching on the head if everything makes you uncomfortable please empower her to say no to the face of the person and it shud not be only limited to girl child but to boy child as well, there will be many people around you who will be criticizing your lesson to your child but please do not pay heed for attention to those criticism and make your child know how to live in this bad cruel world on his or her own terms so that he has he or she has the ability to say no to people and to an uncomfortable situation. Hope this helps!
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Question: m going to started food to my six months old baby girl..so i want to know which food can i give and how much quantity?
Answer: Hello! When you start with solids with the little one, remember the basic. Always makes the baby sit straight on your laptop with proper back support or on booster/high chair. Don't use salt or sugar in your baby's food. Your baby is unaware of its taste, hence will not matter to your baby. Allays follow the 3 days rules. When offering something new always wait for 3 days for any reaction before introducing something new to the baby You can start with appke puree, dal smashed, banana puree, carrots puree, beetroot soup, suji kheer,potato puree, sweet potato puree. Slowly introduce all vegetable and fruits... There are no particular quantity. Offer your baby only thats much which she takes, never forcefeed. Also remember milk is the main source of food for the little one.
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Question: Hii...my baby get 3 years old in feb.2019....3 years is correct age for going to formal school in nursery.
Answer: Hi dear, Yes by 3 years you can put your baby for nursery,as 3 years 10 months is for lkg.and 5 years 10 months is for 1 st standard.
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Question: My baby is 12 days old and he is having very dark lips how to get rid off them ..? Thanks in advance 😊
Answer: Hello dear It's so normal in babies to have dark lips,this because of milk drying on their lips. To get rid of this prob wipe baby lips gently after each and every feeding.do remember to be gentle . You are welcome dear
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