4 months old baby

Question: Which is the best one. Buffalo milk and formula milk.

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Answer: Hi dear any animal milk whether buffalo, cow ,goat is very rich in protein and fat which your baby's simple stomach can't digest. If you have insufficient milk to feed your baby till 6 months of age you can start giving formula milk as well with Consulting your doctor. You can start giving your baby cow milk or buffalo milk after one year of age. Hope it helps.
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Question: Which one is best milk cow milk or formula milk
Answer: Hi! For your four months old baby breast milk is the best and otherwise also breast milk is the best milk that anyone can offer to their babies now if your supply of breast milk is good and the baby is Latin properly I would suggest you to speak to breast milk only at least tell six months of the babies age and after that you can switch to formula but cow milk should not be given or offered before 1 year of babies age . Hope this helps!
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Question: Which milk is best? Cow or Buffalo
Answer: Hii don't introduce cow or Buffalo milk to baby below 1 year. It contains some protein which baby couldn't digest well. Old give breast milk or formula milk to baby. U can introduce cow milk after an year which is good for babies. All the best.
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Question: Which one is best formula milk or buffalo milk?
Answer: Oh dear, earlier 1 year, it is not advisable to give cow's, buffalo or any other animal milk, only formula milk you can give.
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