34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Which is good stem cell banking company in Bangalore?

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Answer: Life cell, opt for community banking only as private banking no use.
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Question: is stem cell banking good
Answer: Yes it is beneficial in future to treat any bone blood brain liver and kidney diseases
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Question: Can we go for stem cell banking.. which company is good for it. I m leaving in mumbai
Answer: the stem cells are basically stored for 25 years. they can be helpful for the child if he/ she ever suffers from blood related diseases such as blood cancers, immunological disorders etc. though the research is still going on, storage of stem cell is kind of a insurance policy for the child's health. In india many companies are providing this facility most popular are Life cell and Cord life.
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Question: Is stem cell banking is good
Answer: Hi,yes it is good and it is is beneficial too as it helps to protect your baby s umbilical cord which is useful in many ways in future.
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