1 months old baby

Question: Which csection is better..vertical or horizontal..plz advice me

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Answer: hello dear both have different reasons dear.. generally doctors suggest horizontal c section in almost all women but the vertical c section if doctor suggested then he will make an incision in the abdomen wall first. In an emergency cesarean this will most likely be a vertical incision (from the navel to the pubic area) which will allow your to deliver the baby faster. The classical incision made vertically, is usually reserved for complicated situations such as placenta previa, emergencies, or for babies with abnormalities. The most common incision is made horizontally (often called a bikini cut), just above the pubic bone. The muscles in your stomach will not be cut. They will be pulled apart so that your doctor can gain access to the uterus.
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    samina bansal1029 days ago

    Thankx dear.. I recently had verical csection..Everything was normal but my doctor suggested that vertical is better than horizontal.. I m really worried..Plz guide what are disadvantages of vertical cut

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Question: Which c-section is best..n prefer by doctors nowadays vertical or horizontal?
Answer: The incision in the uterus is usually horizontal and low in the uterus. Or it may be vertical. A vertical incision is preferred when a larger uterine incision is needed, or if the lower part of the uterus has not developed or stretched enough to permit a low horizontal incision. A vertical incision is often needed to perform a preterm cesarean delivery. The bag of waters is broken, the baby is delivered, and the umbilical cord is clamped and cut.
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Question: In which position baby will be in the womb? Horizontal or vertical? What iseant bh cephalic position?
Answer: Hello dear Baby should be in vertical position in the womb. If baby is in vertical position then, it is a suitable position to have normal delivery. Cephalic presentation means your baby is at head down position, head towards your pelvis and buttocks towards your chest. Its a most suitable position for normal delivery of the baby.
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Question: In C-section which cut is good for future vertical or horizontal.
Answer: Hii dear u should consult your doctor in ours time like quite older times it suppose to be horizontal it used to be very painful but as technology has gone developed a lot so now these days vertical cuts are good. Even pasting method is on culture . So go for these.
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