4 months old baby

Question: which is better lactogen or laxalac

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Answer: Doctor mostly recommend lactogen.
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Question: Which is better lactogen or nan pro
Answer: Hello dear. I would recommend nan pro. It's a good formula milk and would be liked by your baby also. Take care.
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Question: which milk powder is better. Lactogen or Nan prp
Answer: Nan is a more highly engineered formula to make it similar to mothers milk in terms of the whey and casein protein balance. It also has probiotics to help settle tummy. If a simple question is asked as to which is better, it's clearly Nan, if similarity to mothers milk is the benchmark. However lactogen is cheaper so if lactogen better fits with a family's finances or suits baby better in anyway then it's ok.
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Question: Which is better for my baby,cerloc or lactogen??
Answer: Breastfeeding is the best. If you do not have enough milk then you can with lactogen or nan pro but not cerelac at 5th month
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