38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Which hospital is best for delivery? Private or government?

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Answer: Private is the best. Govt ones don't take any responsibility, they are very careless. Please don't take the chance and go for private only.
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Question: Which hospital is better for Normal delivery, government or private?
Answer: My suggestion is a private hospital with high rate of normal delivery doctor... I've seen how they conducted deliveries in govt hospital, so I will suggest you to go for a private hospital.. Hope this will help
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Question: which hospital is better government or private for delivery
Answer: Both r good sab doctors pey depend hota hai hospitals pey naior sometime area pey v depend krta hai
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Question: Which is best vaccination is it from government hospital or private hospital
Answer: Both are good. If cost is not an issue, private doctor will give you all the vaccines which are available. In govt set up , every Vaccine is given free of cost.. (govt has to see risk , benefit ratio.. cost factor too.). So few vaccines which are relatively costly like rota virus, pneumococcal etc are not given in govt set up.
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Question: Government vaccines or private hospital which is good for baby
Answer: Government vaccinations are preferred as most people use so the doses are fresh n private the doses are of long time. If my answer was helpful plz hit like.
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