9 months old baby

Question: Which hair oil is good for baby of 9months. My baby has dandruff

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Answer: Ayurvedic D Danruff Oil best you will get any ayurvedic store,
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Question: Which hair oil is good for baby?
Answer: Hi dear, Ideally any natural oil would be good.i used olive oil and even mustard oil for my baby.since it's winter,avoid coconut oil,as it tends to solidify and baby could catch cold.in summer coconut oil could be used.no matter what oil is been used always warm it and apply in circular motion on scalp.
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Question: which oil is good for baby hair?
Answer: Oiling the baby’s hair is not recommended because it dries the scalp and can clog the pores. Many parents think that applying oil to the baby’s head will foster hair growth, but this is largely a myth. You can simply massage her baby lotion onto her scalp and hair, following up with baby petroleum jelly. Baby oil formulated with vitamin E, aloe vera and other essential oils can also be used to sustain moisture in your baby’s hair. Exercise caution though because some scented oils can irritated the baby. Gently massaging the baby’s scalp can be a good stimulation for the baby, however, too much oil can clog the pores and the scalp could get infected. Infact, all babies shed their hair once they are about 4 months of age, and then new hair that grows may or may not even be the same. Once your baby is a little older, you can also use pure, natural oil – such as almond or olive oil which will help provide additional nutrition to the baby’s scalp
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Question: Which oil is good for baby hair??
Answer: Hi dear,u can use coconut oil,olive oil,almond oil for ur baby hair,which suits wid ur baby.
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