17 months old baby

Question: Which grains or pulses should be included in multigrain atta for 1.5 year old diet?

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Question: Hello dr..Which type of oats should be used for babies.. 1 year old.. Please suggest
Answer: Dear u can give saffola or kellogs oats its safe Oats r completely safe for babies... oats contains considerable dietary fiber tjat helps regulate digestive system... oats r big source of Poatessiun &Iron ..u can give Oats wit milk...made oats just as poha...Grind the plain oats nd make chilla..add sooji in oats make idli.. u can give oats +mango+sugar +milk...just as mango can be replace wit apple..banana also.. try this.
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Question: Which diet plan should follow for covid positive in pregnancy
Answer: Hello mam If ur positive just be chill okay nting to worry u will absolutely come out this Morning eat two bread with butter butter mein haldi laga Kar Khao Phir hot water ke pio Green veggies Khao haldi wala doodh lo Steam lo kohi BHI bam Pani mein daldo time se medicine lo Jo Dr NE Di ho Dhyan Rakho sanitise karo bar bar hot water Ka aur hot Khana he Khao detol se khapade dhoo
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Question: My baby is now 1.5 year old..what should be his diet plan ?What to give him for his good health?
Answer: Give fruits.. veggies..egg.. chicken.. dairy products
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