16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: which fruit juice is good during pregnancy?

3 Answers
Answer: Avoid Pineapple (take in moderation) and Pappiya (mostly unripe) these two cause Uterine contractions so avoid these two if possible otherwise all fruit Juice (one glass a day ) very good during pregnancy 🤗
Answer: and black grapes very heat food
Answer: promgninent juice
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Question: Butter fruit juice good during 9weeks of pregnancy
Answer: According to a new study, avocados are a must-eat for pregnant women. ... Avocados offer a range of beneficial nutrients that can make a substantial contribution to a nutrient-rich diet when offered as a staple food for the periconceptional period, as well as during pregnancy and lactation.
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Question: Is dragon fruit juice is good to consume during pregnancy?
Answer: Hi sis. Yes its good to have dragon fruit.. Not a problem.. Make sure you have in moderation and not too often. Take care.
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Question: Fresh fruit r fruit juice which one is good during eighth month?
Answer: Both are good but prefer fresh fruits ... fruits contain lots of fiber , which is good for u and baby .
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