2 months old baby

Question: which formula milk is better..similac or nastle nan pro 1

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Answer: Hi. That depends on your baby. As some baby doesnt like particular fm and pukes. So try any of them. If baby digest it properly then continue the same else change.
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    Deepali Jagtap94 days ago

    my baby have colic problem so which one is less gassy

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Question: Which formula milk is better for weight gain nan pro 1 or similac iq plus??
Answer: Hello, Dear every baby's body respond differently to food. So for some babies nan pro can help in weight gain and for some similac so it's completely your call what you want. I personally choose nan pro for my baby and I am completely happy.
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Question: Which formula milk is better Nan Pro Stage 1/ Similac Advance 1 or Aptamil infant formula 1 ??
Answer: Hii dear I have personal testimony of nan pro stage one. O gave dis to my baby and it was really good.
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Question: Similac or Nan pro which is better?
Answer: Nan Pro is better. I had tough time with my son he didnt like any formula. I tried all. And last i tried Nan Pro. Which seems to be best and he is happily having it now. I heard its best among all.
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Question: which formula milk is best for infant?similac 1 or nan pro 1.
Answer: I feel there is no definite answer, if you compare their compositions then Similac 1 is more nutritious and helps in baby’s physical and mental development. Whereas Nan Pro 1 is good or digestive purposes. My friend has been using Similac 1 and she is pretty happy with it :)
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