25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Which foods are to avoid during pregnancy?

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Answer: Hello dear, here are few things that you should avoid during pregnancy; Avoid fried and processed foods, pickle, appalam Avoid consuming tea, coffee or any carbonated beverage immediately after your meal Avoid taking milk products before / after eating iron rich foods. Avoid fishes like tile fish, shark, sword fish and king mackerel. Restrict intake of high amount of caffeine ( tea, coffee, etc) Limit tea or coffee- 200ml /day Avoid fruits like papaya, jackfruit, mango and pineapple
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Question: Which foods are avoid tyroyid during pregnancy period
Answer: Avoid Cauliflower Broccoli Cabbage Replace your iodized salt with rock salt Use wood pressed oil instead of refined sunflower oil Use jaggery powder instead of pure refined white sugar.
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Question: Which foods are avoid during first trimester of pregnancy ?
Answer: Pineapple , papaya, spicy foods...and all heat items you should take in moderation like beetroot, chicken, fish
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Question: which foods should i avoid during pregnancy??
Answer: Junk food shld be avoided...u shld eat healthy eat green leafy vegetables fruits...keep ur self hydrated
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