7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: which food is not good for my baby.

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Answer: Cows milk,any food with extra sugar and salt is ideally not good before rhe age of 1 year
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Question: Which food is good for 4months baby?
Answer: Six full months only breast milk unless they feel hungry or doctor suggests Later start banana boiled carrot boiled potato Cereal It's better to give home made cereal as it does not have preservatives Dry fruits can be slowly started You take good food and supplements so they go to her in bm Give her good oil massage and bath It helps her relax well take feed sleep well Sleep activity and bm are the only things she has at this stage Leave her down so she plays increasing hunger Take care
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Question: Which food is good for baby colour
Answer: It’s not uncommon for pregnant women to drink saffron milk during pregnancy. Saffron is believed to make babies fair and improve their complexion even while in the womb. However, when taking saffron, pregnant women should take care not to overdo it as it gives off a  lot of heat and can cause many difficulties. It should be taken only in the third trimester.
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Question: which food is good for baby weight?
Answer: Milk wd protein powder..fresh fruits...peeled almond soaked in water to be eaten early in the morning
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