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Question: Which food is good for baby brain

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Answer: Hello! For proper development of the baby have varieties of vegetables, fruits dry fruits, milk and milk products, pulses. All have different properties which have their own nutrition. Try to have soaked almonds first thing in the morning, it is said to be the best thing for brain of the babies along with the above mentioned items. Take care
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Question: I want talented baby which food is good for brain development
Answer: Hello dear..congratulations on your pregnancy. Here are some useful do's and don'ts for you. During your pregnancy, your energy demand increases by 1450 kj/day and 1900 kj/day in your 2nd and 3rd trimester respectively. But that doesn't mean you need to eat twice. Just eat a varied diet to meet all the nutrients your gravid body needs. Have 5 serves of vegetable and 2 serves of fruit every day. Eat meal that satisfies you and try to never ever skip your breakfast. TRY ONE OF THESE: •1 cup of milk with wholegrain cereal and some dried fruit + 1 large glass of freshly squeezed orange juice + 1 cup of coffee or tea •1 cup of tea + 1 natural yoghurt with 1 sliced kiwifruit + 2 slices of lightly buttered wholegrain toast Allow yourself one or two balanced snacks per day Eat them during the morning and/or afternoon. Don’t gorge yourself on sugary foods; opt for cereals, fruit and protein. Drink plenty of water. Opt for water rather than carbonated beverages and sugary drinks. Eat fibre to keep you regular Try prunes, wholegrain cereals, wholegrain bread, almonds, dried apricots, plus cooked green vegetables, which are easier to digest than raw. Fibre assists with alleviating constipation, a common symptom of pregnancy. Eat leafy green vegetables You can help to prevent one of the most common types of birth defects –neural-tube defect –by consuming enough folic acid before and during your pregnancy. Folic acid is essential for the development of your baby’s nervous system. It is found mainly in fruit and vegetables (especially leafy green vegetables), legumes, nuts, fortified breads, cereals and juices. A supplement may be prescribed to women who want to have a baby. Get plenty of protein In a healthy diet, protein is essential – usually supplied by meats, chicken, fish, beans, milk and eggs. It’s the number-one building block for your growing baby’s muscles, ligaments, hair, fingernails, bones, brain tissue, blood and other tissues. Feed yourself calcium for bones and teeth Your calcium needs are up to 1000 mg per day during pregnancy. Consuming plenty of milk and milk products will help prevent calcium from being taken from your bones as your baby’s skeleton develops. It’s important to take in vitamin D (through sunlight exposure) with calcium-rich foods to help your body absorb them. Pump up your iron Fatigue, reduced resistance to colds and infections often result from iron deficiency. To ensure you’re getting enough iron, consume a healthy diet that includes lots of iron-rich foods, such as lean meats (especially red meats) and green leafy vegetables, as well as an iron supplement, if your doctor recommends one. Iron is the main constituent of haemoglobin, bringing oxygen to the cells. Your requirements are 27 mg per day during pregnancy. Get your vitamin C Vitamin C helps your immune system function properly and improves iron absorption.To get enough of it, eat fruit and vegetables every day. Eat the freshest food you can Buy fruit and vegetables as fresh as possible. Eat them as soon as you can, as their vitamin and mineral content declines after they’re picked. Protect them against air and light or store them at the bottom of your refrigerator. Wash them well before eating, but don’t let them soak, as vitamins will leach out. To preserve the nutrients, use gentle, rapid cooking methods, such as steaming and braising, or try using a pressure cooker or wrapping in foil. Indulge yourself a little It’s a special time and you should enjoy it. So give in to some of those cravings – just make sure you watch your diet overall. Don’t Ignore the pregnancy diet no-nos. Believe everything people tell you – unless it’s a healthcare professional Listen to common pregnancy nutrition myths that might stop you from enjoying your meals or eating healthily. Snack on fatty and sugary foods Remember to have a healthy and talented baby it takes a healthy and a happy mom. Indulge yourself in the activities that makes you happy . Good luck
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Question: Hello which food good for brain
Answer: Hello For your baby s brain development Olive oil.. It's rich in polyphenols which are powerful brain protector anti bodies. Coconut oil.. enhances brains neurons Blue berries..have high amount of omega 3 fatty acids and DHA Turmeric.. Egg.. rich in choline Walnuts.. supports brain health with vitamin e and omega 3 fatty acids Kale.. rich in vitamins a c k Spinach.. rich in follate vitamin k
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Question: and which food intake is good for brain development?
Answer: These 7 foods can help kids stay sharp and affect how their brains develop well into the future. Eggs. The protein and nutrients in eggs help kids concentrate, says Los Angeles-based chef Beth Saltz, RD. ...Greek Yogurt. ...Greens. ...Fish. ...Nuts and Seeds. ...Oatmeal. ...Apples and Plums
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