5 months old baby

Question: Which food is best for my child

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Answer: Hi dear, Eatables for less than 6 months old baby is not recommended coz baby's digestive is very very slow he/she cannot digest solids or semi solids. Breast milk should be the only source of nutrition for him till 6 months. Giving food to such a small baby can lead to various stomach problems like loose motions, fever, stomach pain or baby can become cranky. Even Dr doesn't recommend to give Eatables to such a small baby. Wait for few more weeks mommy! 😇
Answer: Hi, if u r starting solid now then cerelac S best choice. I fed cerelac to my daughter during 5th month. Few days try to give only small spoon with breast milk. U can increase later on. Do not give solid st away during night times.
Answer: Hi, until 6 months, breastmilk or formula milk are the only best food for kids. They get all needed nutrients from it and doesnt need anything else.
Answer: Hi dear its better if you consult a pediatrician.
Answer: After six months only
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Question: After 6th month which food supplements is best for my baby child and which is also easily avialable in market
Answer: Hi dear. Instead of market food you must focus on giving home made food to her. 6 month is age when baby get introduced to semi solids, there is not much to offer im this month. You can give moong daal, rice water and homemade cerelac to your baby. Mashed banana csn also given. 1_2 tsp juice of seasonal fruits is also a good option. Always try to give homemade food to babies
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Question: Which is the best starting food for my child? How to prepare it?
Answer: Hi dear.. Starting food must be a easily digesting one. So I think fruits puree is best. You can use fruits like alpple , avacado,banana etc.. Peel the apple & put into a pan with just enough water & steam and mash.. it must be a runny consistency so you can add breast or formula milk for that. Avacado can use without cook, just mash it.
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Question: Which baby food is best for 6month child
Answer: Fruites pury is good to give. Smoothly cooked rice with gee. All grain malt. Smoothly cooked vegetables,dhals , potato Is best for 6 month child. If it's useful please mark as helpful.
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