7 months old baby

Question: Which food i give to 7 months baby?

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Answer: Hello dear. Congratulations on your motherhood. You can start with smashed potato, rice and dal stock.. Also smashed dal with palak and other green vegetables. You can start with small quantity and increase it gradually. Take care.
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Question: Which type food can i give to my 7 months finished baby......plz tell me
Answer: Hi! A 7 months old baby needs 1 meal plus 1 snack a day and rest all Breast milk or formula. You can offer variety of food to the baby which is homemade like ang veggies steamed and mashed or any hard fruit steamed and mashed if pulpy can be offered as is apart from it overcooked Rice Daal, Oats porridge, Rawa halwa, Veggies khichdi etc. however only remember to not add salt or sugar to the food as they r not suggested babies below 1 yr. Hope this helps!
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Question: Which food items should I give to my 7 months old baby
Answer: Hello dear. Let me give you a few recepies for your 7 month old baby: Breastmillk or formula plus Pureed fruits like banana, pears, peaches, apples. Pureed vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes. Small amounts of curds. You can add cereals too. Take care.
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Question: My baby is 7 months old.which food I can give to him and in which quantity
Answer: Hello dear I used to give my baby purees of vegetables, fruits, soups of vegetables and dal, khidchi, porridge of Ragi, oats, rice, suji, you can give a small bowl of food to the baby but do not force the baby.. Hope this helps
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