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Question: Which food are to be avoid for thyroid during pregnancy

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Answer: Hi.. Dear cruciferous vegetables that are rich in fiber, like broccoli, cabbage, spinach, kale, and Brussels sprouts, may inhibit thyroid medication absorption. Use coconut oil, include carrots and eggs in your diet. Cod liver oil is also very effective.
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Question: Which foods to avoid for thyroid during pregnancy??? Please suggest
Answer: You should take medicine on time Avoid cabbage, cauliflower,
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Question: Which are the food items that to be avoid during pregnancy
Answer: hi dear in the first trisemester it is good to avoid pineapple papaya and dates because sometimes can cause miscarriage and abortion but the rest of the food you can have moderately dear
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Question: Which food & fruits to be avoid during pregnancy
Answer: Hi, papaya and pineapple should be completely avoided during pregnancy you should also avoid caffeine during pregnancy. You should avoid spicy food as it can create acidity or gas problems. Even brinjal should be avoided during pregnancy.if you wish to eat Chinese you should make sure it is without ajinomoto.
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Question: for which food avoid during planning pregnancy
Answer: Hi.. You need to avoid uncooked fish and process meat. You can not eat raw eggs, high content of caffeine drinks less of tea /coffee, raw sprouts. Take proper care of hygiene, do not eat unwashed produce.
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