33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Which exercises get the normal delivery

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Answer: Hllo dear u r 33 weeks pregnant dear Normal delvry depends on the condition of pregnancy. ..if there s  no complication such as  babys position .cervix size ..babys  heart beat ..then normal delvry ll be... so u should try these remedies.. Go 4 a walk daily for 15 to 30 min.daily  twice a day.. Take healthy diet..as fresh fruits gren veg paneer cheese butter...Dont take stress otherwise Bp ll high .nd it s diificult to go 4 normal delvery..Go 4 yoga .. as alom vilom ,suryanamshkar, cat pose ,tree pose, triangle pose , butterfly pose ..u can do bith ball exercise...Birthball s a simply exercise ball..it used get relief for pelvic pressure .it help u to prepare 4 labour.. Do all house hold work..
Answer: Butterfly ,sit-ups and walking
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Question: Which runs the exercises we can do after normal delivery
Answer: 1)Start your day with any fruit. 2)Never skip breakfast. 3)Eat something in every 2hours. 4)Increase your protein intake(daal, milk, non veg etc) for muscle gain as it is indirectly proportional to fat...more muscle mass lesser fat. 5) Dont sit for long hours. 6)Keep yourself physically active. You can climb stairs while playing with your baby, run if possible, do cardio and stretching exercises..squats lunges, planks 7)Exercise for minimum 40mins a day. It can be in breaks. 8)Eat dinner by 8pm and have very light dinner. 9)Avoid oily food. 10) Drink water at every hour
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Question: From which week can I start doing exercises for normal delivery???what are the exercises for normal delivery
Answer: Hello! You can start doing it from now onwards. But before starting any exercise it is important that you consult the doctor and also you should do it under proper guidance. Please don't go for it all alone by yourself. Take care
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Question: If baby is in breech position which exercises are advisable and convenient to get normal delivery?
Answer: If baby is in breech, do not try out anything without doctor's suggestions. Because the umbical cord may be coiled around baby neck. Please be careful.
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