4 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Which dry fruit can we take in 4 th week of pregnancy?

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Answer: Soaked almond n walnuts
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Question: Can we have lychee fruit in 4 month of pregnancy
Answer: Hii Consuming a large quantity of the litchi may cause high sugar level in your blood. If the sugar level goes up, then it might result in diabetes during pregnancy. Eating litchis in large numbers can lead to Hemorrhage.Also, there is a danger of contracting infections.Eating too many litchis can also cause stillbirth.Litchi causes internal heat, which can lead to complications during pregnancy.So, no! It is not a good idea to eat too many Litchis during pregnancy. It can lead to nasty complications and side effects.
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Question: Can we eat dry fruit during 7th month of pregnancy ?
Answer: Hi dear yes you can eat dry fruits during pregnancy which is good and it has a high sources of protein fibre in nutrients and also it would be good if you avoid taking more because it has more calories than the fresh fruits so it will be good if you take five pieces of dry fruits per day Taken take it as a milkshake you can take a fig and dates mixed together as a milkshake you can take badam powder in milk at evening which helps to get good nutrients
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Question: I take bp medicines can i take dry fruits too?and which dry fruit is essential in pregnancy..
Answer: Hello dear Yes, U can have dryfruits and nuts such as almonds, walnuts, pistachios, coconuts and dates as they all are rich in protein.u can have almonds as there are so many nutrients packed into an almond
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