3 months old baby

Question: Which diaper is good baby 4 month baby and her weight is 4.7kg

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Answer: Dear as my personal openion go for cloth dipers...its good....and you want to know about other use and throw diper then go for pant style dypers likw momy poko pants and huggies....
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Question: Which diaper is good for 3 month baby
Answer: Bella happy diapers .......(available in Amazon)....it's so good....I am using...... medium size ll be crct.... It's about the weight of bby......if any daiper we using mean we have to change in 3hours......I use only in night time ....air breathing is more important...to inner parts.....for bby...
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Question: Which diaper is good and prevent baby from common rashes?
Answer: I m using pampers for my baby from day one and its very good. But make sure u change the diaper every 4-5 hours and immediately change the diaper after potty. U should also give diaper free time in between for about half hour.
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Question: Which brand clothing diaper is good for 5 month baby?
Answer: Almost all are same.If you buy large packs it becpmes pocket friendly
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