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Question: Which date is my ovulation date

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Answer: To calculate your ovulation day first I need to know the length of your period cycle and date of last period. for example if your period cycle is of 25 to 30 days you can expect your ovulation days in between 10 to 16 day of the cycle. Hope It will help 👍.
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Question: Can period cycle change after marriage because my cycle is last two months is 25 days which is actual 28 than how I calculate exact ovulation date??
Answer: After marriage when we inter a regular sexual life our body show some changes and changing in period cycle length or period flow is one of them. If your cycle length is of 25 to 30 days then you can expect your ovulation time in between 10 to 16 days of the cycle. If you started planning for pregnancy on those days you need to do unprotected sex. if you don't want pregnancy then avoid having unprotected sex specially in those days. Hope it will help.
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Question: My Periods date is 22feb what is My Ovulation date please Help thanks
Answer: I hope you r getting regular menstrual period and your cycle length is in between 25 to 30 days then you can expect your relation in between 10 to 15 days of the cycle. usually a woman get her period exactly after 15 days of ovulation so this way you have to calculate yours. Ovulation period for this month is 5th to 10th of March. Hope it will help.
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Question: My period date is today.. What is the ovulation date
Answer: You would first need to know your period cycle get the average for last six for me it has been 28 days cycle and I ovulate at 12 th day ..similarly if you have 26 day cycle then you might ovulate on 11 th day..and so on....
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