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Question: Which cream removes stretch marks completly? Which cream is good

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Answer: Stretch marks during pregnancy are common dear expanding cause stretch marks dear.. Mainting good weight can prevent stretch marks. Stay well hydrated, eat a nutrients rich food, include vitamin c in your diet .appply coconut oil on stretch marks. If you have pain consult Doctor.do not apply any creams without consulting doctor dear.
Answer: Hi To remove stretch marks just use equpcalitus oil or liquid parafin and scrub om stretch marka gently with cotton...it ll gradually reduce..which are not permanant
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Question: Which stretch marks cream is good and effective?
Answer: Hello dear... Stretch marks can occur naturally during pregnancy but if you have high salt content in your body, it will cause itching a lot in tummy,result in more stretches For this you have to take care of stretch mark during pregnancy itself is a good option, apply baby lotion on tummy,during night time, will gradually decrease itching in your bump While coming to postpartum care, massage coconut oil in your stretch mark will help,coconut oil act as a natural moisturizer too... Applying Coco butter on stretch mark will do miracles in get rid of them. You can gradually apply coconut butter on your marks. Stretch mark serum are also available from in all drug stores, it proven to give better results. It also makes skin soft and supple
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Question: For stretch marks which cream is good during pregnancy?
Answer: Hi dear frankly nothing will happen during pregnancy because the stretching will continue and their stretch marks will also show but you can just keep your skin moisturized and maybe later after your baby is born you can start to use some skin lightening cream when your hormones are not my hope that helps take care.
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Question: Which cream is good for stretch marks
Answer: They gradually fade over the time by themselves but don't disappear completely even after birth. You can use bio oil or coca butter or olive oil or vitamin E oil twice daily to moisturizer and fasten the fading process.
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