7 months old baby

Question: Which Friuts can be given 7 month baby

2 Answers
Answer: Dear baby us 7 months old so you can give all kind of fruits to baby in either mashed or puree form. so give apple banana grapes pineapple papaya Kiwi Orange all fruits but in mashed form so that baby can eat it properly.
Answer: Banana, cut grapes, melons, mango, cooked apple
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Question: Which fruits can be given to 7 month old baby??
Answer: Hello dear... You can give fruit juice of Apple Sapota Papaya Orange Banana Carrot
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Question: Which fruits,cereals and vegetables can be given at night to my 7 month old baby?
Answer: As he is little..you should give him light food like only milk...at night....it will be digest properly..otherwise heavy food may creat trouble in his stomach..
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Question: Which solids can be given to 5 month old baby
Answer: Hello dear Start giving any solid food to ur baby only after 6 months. you can start with fruits. Give mashed banana, chickoo or apple puree and Daal Ka paani. After sometime you can introduce vegetables like nicely cooked carrots, pumpkin, sweet potato. Give ragi porridge as it will help in gaining weight.
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Question: Which soups can be given to 6 month old baby?
Answer: Hi dear make sure no sugar salt cream can be added in baby soup. U can give pumpkin soup potato soup , sweet potato soup. Don't introduce much so early.
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