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Question: Which blood tests are done during pregnancy??

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Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy dear generally if thete s no complication in pregnancy then 4 to 5 ultrasound nd 3 to 4 Blood test happens .1scan in 7 or 8 weeks as TVS scan 2 nd svan in 12 13 weeks as NT svan ,3 svan in 18 to 20 weeks as anomoly scan ,4 svan after 30 weeks s growth scan nd 1 svan more aftr 36 weeks too. So it's a complasary svan if ur Dr needs more she can suggest 3 for 4 d nd colour Doppler too and she suggest blood test in 7 or 8 weeks ,afrer that 12 weeks double marker test nd afrt 20.weeks triple market test too. If there s sugar then she suggest sugar nd gtt test too its depends on pregnancy situation too taje care.
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Question: How many scans are done during pregnancy in which month ?
Answer: Viability scan at 9 weeks NT scan at 12-14 weeks Anomaly scan at 18-20 weeks Growth scan at 28-30 weeks
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Question: Hello mam please suggest me ....What are the tests and vaccine to be done in the 3rd months of pregnancy?
Answer: TT injection,double marker test,nt scan(1st trimester scan)
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Question: What all test, scans n vaccination to be taken and in which week the vaccinations n tests are suppose to be done
Answer: There are almost 5compulsory scans during pregnancy. First is giving scan should be done before 10 weeks. Next is NT scan should be done within 11 to 30 minutes. I hope both of these you already done with. Next scan will be anomaly scan in between 18 to 24 weeks also known as tiffa scan and 2nd level scan. Next scan will be growth scan in between 2232 weeks and another scan that is advanced growth scan doctor will ask to take around 36 weeks or later. You have to take mainly TT vaccine 2 dose in 4th & 5 th month & if doctor suggest you have to take a flu vaccine at third trimester of pregnancy. Dr will guide u everything, don't panic.
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