7 months old baby

Question: Which biscuits we have to give for 7th month baby

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Answer: Hello! Please avoid giving biscuits to the baby, atleast till the age of 2 years. Biscuits are not healthy and are considered as junk food. Hence, please avoid. Take care
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Question: Which biscuits can we give to 8 month old baby
Answer: Hi dear u shouldn't give any type of biscuit to ur baby at this age. If u want u can make biscuit ay home But make sure to avoid any soda or sugar or salt in The biscuit. Do give homemade food specially.
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Question: Can we give biscuits to 10 months baby. If yes, then which biscuits we can feed?
Answer: Hi,you should give raggi cookies or oats cookies as this is much healthy to be given to the baby
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Question: can we give biscuits with milk to 6 months old baby? which biscuits Shud I give
Answer: hello dear biscuits will kill the hunger... sometimes in travelling its safe but as your baby is small its not advisable daily dear.. marie biscuits which are less in sugar content
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Question: Which month to give biscuits to baby
Answer: hi you can introduce cookies to the baby after 6 to 7 months but make sure that you don't give Maida biscuits to the baby as it is not healthy instead you can give your baby multi grain or oats or ragi biscuits which are more healthy for the baby
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