12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: which biscuits are safe to eat during pregnancy??? sunfeast nice kha sakte hai ki nhi uspar sugar sprinkled hai plz reply???

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Answer: Hii u can have digestive ,oats or biscuits made of whole grains. Avoid taking maida biscuit as it is not good for digestion. All the best.
Answer: I think u like this biscuit most. Ok if u have no diabetes issue, you can eat.
Answer: Oats biscuits are good for pregnant women
Answer: No objection on biscuits
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Question: Which biscuits are best during pregnancy , doc has suggested to increase protien whether theraptin biscuits are safe ?
Answer: Hi dear, It's better to avoid taking biscuits and you can increase protein consumption by taking 1 or 2 eggs daily and also handful of nuts and protein powder can be taken with your doctor consultation. If you have gestational diabetes then pls consume sugar free protein powder. Hope this helps.
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Question: Is drumsticks are safe to eat during pregnancy. Please reply
Answer: Hello dear. The most dangerous food that can lead to miscarriage inearly pregnancy is drumstick. It is bad for pregnant women because drumstick tree contains poisonous structure that can lead to miscarriage. Take care.
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Question: Hi, which fishes are safe to eat during pregnancy?
Answer: Hi dear, You can safely consume fresh water fish.avoid taking sea fish as it contains high mercury level.
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Question: It's safe to eat Therptin Biscuits during pregnancy?
Answer: Yes it is completely safe and fine to have threptin biscuits Which helps in gaining weight of your baby, and your health condition
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