7 months old baby

Question: which biscuits are good for babies to feed with milk

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Question: Hi..which biscuits are good for babies please suggest..
Answer: Hi dear,I personally will not recommended to give buiscuits to your baby,though they are tasty and easily available but they contains fat,high fibre.and beside this they are not nutrious for babies so avoid it .instead of it u can give healthy fruits and veggies to baby.
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Question: Are biscuits good for babies
Answer: Hi! No dear biscuits are not good for babies because it's made out of maida and sugar you can offer biscuits if it's homemade or if it is made out of whole wheat, I think that you are looking for some food items to provide the baby has snacks you can definitely lean upon fruits like guava ripened papaya slice of mangoes you can also offer cheese you can also you can offer Makhana you can offer a handful of nuts to the babies as snacks they are much more nutritious and healthy option for snacks . Hope this helps!
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Question: For babies which biscuits is good. ...
Answer: Hi It is recommended for exclusive Breast feeding until 6 months. U can try liquid food after 6 months. But don't give biscuits that only contains sugar and maida. It is not healthy for babies to feed with sugar until 1year of age. U can give healthy home made food after 6months.
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