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Question: Which baby product is best for babies

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Answer: Hello The skin of your baby (both newborns and younger kids) is fragile and sensitive compared to adult skin. And that’s why it needs special care and attention. Everything (and everything means every little thing!) that touches your baby’s skin should be special. These are the products that are specially designed to suit your baby’s skin. Biotique Baby Products Those who love ayurvedic and herbal products swear by the products by this brand. And very few of you know that Biotique has a wide range of herbal products for babies as well. Shampoos, soaps, massage oil and lotion, body wash, and a wide range of other baby products by Biotique are readily available. It also has an exciting range of Disney Baby Boy and Disney Baby Girl products. All its baby products contain herbal extracts, including aloe vera, basil, and almond extracts, which are incredibly gentle on your kid’s skin. Himalaya Baby Products This is another popular name for ayurvedic and herbal products. Himalaya too has an extensive range of baby products right from baby wipes to soaps, powder, cream, and lotions. It offers unique kits containing all the necessary items for your young one. These products are of the highest quality and are incredibly affordable. All the products are developed after extensive research and keeping in mind the unique needs of your child’s skin. All products by Himalaya are clinically tested. Mee Mee Mee Mee is a brand that covers every need of your baby. Skin and oral care products, diapers, towels, napkins, footwear, bath and hygiene, toys, travel seats – you name it, and it has it ready for your baby. The brand also manufactures maternity products – right from dresses and belts to tops and lingerie. So, the brand basically takes care of the overall needs of the baby and the mother. Give it a try, and you won’t be disappointed. Mother Care Just like Mee Mee, this is another brand that focuses on both mother and child. When it’s the matter of safety and hygiene, this brand is highly trusted. It has a very affordable price range and variety of products. You will get maternity clothing and accessories, furniture for the nursery, feeding accessories, toiletries for the babies, dental and skin care products, towels, potty training essentials, and whatever you could think of. Johnson & Johnson This is a name that’s widely recognized by all of you and is a brand that first comes to your mind when you think of getting products for your babies. Since ages, this brand has been a hot favorite of all mothers and is among the most trusted brands in India. It caters to both babies and adults and has been revolutionizing baby care since its inception.
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    suganya rohini977 days ago

    What about sebamed and mama's earth

Answer: If u r looking for any Powder kind of milk then Nestle Lactogen is Very good for baby.. And if u r looking for his personal care products then U can go with (Himalya) baby Products. Or if u can afford then Go for (Sifamed) or (Chikoo)
Answer: Hi, baby's s skin is very delicate and we have to be very careful in selecting the correct brand for the baby. Some of the good brands are Himalaya Pigeon Jhonson $Jhonson Chicoo Mother care.
Answer: Himalaya , chicco are good and mild
Answer: What about sebamed and mama's earth
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Question: Which creams product is best for babies?
Answer: Hello, Dear there are many options available in market and you can chose any of them. All are good and baby friendly. When comes to baby products every parent had different choices. I personally use Himalaya baby products for my baby from day 1 . You can try if you want. But just make sure not to mix any brand products. Use only one brand products for baby.
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Question: Which baby product is best for babies
Answer: Hi... you can try baby products from the company Himalayas, Mama Earth ,chicoo, and any other organic products .... these products will have very gentle effect on the baby skin .. regarding soap you can go for baby dove.. It is gentle and moisturizing too
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Question: Which baby product is best for babies
Answer: Himalaya products are safe n best as my personal experience
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