6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: which are the most usefull & helpfull fruits vegetables in pregnency 1st month to last month

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Answer: You can have pomegranate regularly till delivery It also helps you to deliver normally You can have orange and mosambi If u can get red colour banana in your area hav 1 no every day it's very nutritious And you can eat all vegetables whichever you like
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Question: Which are the most healthy fruits in first trimester??
Answer: Hi dear All fruits are healthy in its way....in first trimester you can avoid papaya,jack fruit,pineapple as they are heat rich...citrus fruits should not be taken in empty stomach as they produce acids which cause acidity...take more dry fruis and fresh juices..
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Question: In 1st trimester what are the foods items to be included in daily diet? Which fruits and vegetables needs to be avoided?
Answer: Papaya and pine apple should avoid lychee also .sesame seeds food items . veggies i dont think so .brinjal dont eat much u will get itching . And one more leafy veg should not be taken i have no idea in english what it says . Leafs with red stems it looks
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Question: Which fruits n vegetables have to add in 1st month
Answer: All fruits and vegetables are eat this time avoid pineapple and pappaya eat more yellow colour food like orange ,mango,egg,milk , yellow content food contains folic acid
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