29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Which are the fruits and vegetables that makes body cool

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Answer: Cucumber and watermelon
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Question: Which fruits and vegetables are good for 1sr termister
Answer: Hi desr there is no such restrictions to have specific fruit or vegetable bit u have to make sure to take only fresh and well Cleaned fruits and vegetables. Also make sure to avoid papaya pine apple litchi as they can led to the miscarriage of pregnancy. Rest all seasonal fruits are highly recommended
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Question: Which are fruits and vegetables that are rich in folic acid.....
Answer: Hello dear. Fruits and vegatables rich in folate are Dark Leafy Greens. It should come as no surprise that one of the planet's healthiest foods is also one of the highest in folate,Asparagus,Broccoli,Citrus Fruits,Beans, Peas, and Lentils,Avocado,Okra,Brussels Sprout. Hope it helps.
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Question: what are the vegetables and fruits that affects pergnancy ?
Answer: Hello dear,thee are no such vegetables that could effect the pregnancy..but avoid outside food and junk items...I was into a well balanced diet which helped me alot energywise..I conceived pretty quick too..
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