9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Which antiacid can ne be taken in pregnancy for heart burn?

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Answer: Any medicine please contact the doctor ... For home remedies try jeera water ..or warm water
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Question: What medicine can be taken for acidity or heart burn ?
Answer: u can take PANTOP-40, in early mrng before 20-30 min of ur breakfast.
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Question: Which fruits can be taken in pregnancy
Answer: Hi Dear! You can have all the fruits you want in pregnancy except Pineapple, you need to ensure that we are getting the required nutrition from the fruits we are having; You can have Mangoes , Kiwi , banana for folate which prevents neural birth defects, Apple, Dates, Raisin ensures your Iron intake which is very important and bried apricots, blackberries, pears, papaya and guave etc which are rich in calcium and strengthen bones.. Good luck!
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Question: Which medicine can be taken in pregnancy for fever and throat pain??
Answer: Please don't take any medicine of your own. Drink boiled water with a pinch of turmeric and cumin seeds. If you can't control throat pain, please consult your gyno. They will prescribe you.
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