25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Whether my breast should leak milk? How to identify whether m producing milk or not?

Answer: Hi. Its not compulsary that colostrum would discharge from breasts, it happens in most of cases but if it doesnt then also its normal, This doesn't means that you wont be able to feed in future. I too never had these discharge but i am still feeding my baby and she is 15 months old now. So dont worry if colostrum leaks it fine but if dont it fine then also. Good luck.
Answer: Press ur nipples and see if u r leaking.. but then it's not necessary for all moms to be to leak while pregnant
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Question: How to identify whether m producing breast milk or not?my breasts are not leaking
Answer: Hi,that's ok.nothing to worry. After 30 weeks you may feel some discharge from the breast that is colostrum,that too it is not necessary that it is seen in all the women But immeediately after the delivery you will be able to feed your baby,it is only after the delivery when you are able to feed your baby you will able to know if you have produced enough breast milk also the more you will feed the more production. of milk is done
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Question: How to identify whether my milk is sufficient for my baby or not
Answer: Hello dear pump your breast milk in steel feeding or glass feeding bottles and new born babies will take feed 60-90 ml of milk for every three or four hours
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Question: How will I know my body is ready for labour and whether my breast r producing sufficient milk or no?
Answer: Hi dear Happy to help you Breast start leaking as an when they are ready thats colestrom at first n then aftr delivery milk starts. Check for symptoms like water break thats water just gushes out, secondly u get contractions. Hope my answer was helpful.
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